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gSKIN U-Value Kit

Product Code:12045

gSKIN U-value kit is extremely useful for Measurement of U-value (W/(sqm K)), heat flux (W/sqm), and 2 temperatures (deg C)

Key Features

Calibrated Plug-and-Play solution
Compatible with standards ISO 9869 and ASTM C1046 /ASTM C1155
Stores up to 2 million data points
Battery lifetime >1 month
Read-out software included
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Flexible Etched Foil Heaters

Product Code:21003

Flexible heating elements-Silicone Rubber Heaters, Polyimide Film Heaters- have a wide range of industrial, commercial, and military applictions where reliability, cost of effectiveness, minimum cross section, resistance to deterioration and basic flexibility

Key Features

Available in different sizes and shapes
Available in different resistances
Available in AC or DC configurations
Available with or without PSA

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IR Remote Controller for Desert Cooler

Product Code:21004

A product you would love to have in your Desert Coolers. It allows control of speed of your Desert Cooler fan with a remote, just as you have it in your ACs.It also has humidity control and various other functions

Key Features

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Portable Interactive WhiteBoard

Product Code:13008

Portable Interactive Whiteboard transforms any standard whiteboard, flat surface (such as a wall) or projection screen into an interactive whiteboard. No battery is required for USB signal receiver and the unit can be mounted to the ceiling if a permanent solution is required. Working with the extendable pointer E-Pen (Electronic pen) or E-pointer, it allows to explore internet websites, build interactive flipcharts and create more opportunities for discussions and interaction in the classroom.

Key Features

Make any normal projector to be interactive.
Small form factor, extremely easy to carry.
Easy to install and use
Handwriting smoothly with high precision
Multi-writing(Max 64 person)

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Arduino Due - Genuine

Product Code:14023

Based on Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex, Arduino Due is the first Arduino board based on a 32 core microcontroller with 54 digital IOs, 12 AIs, 4 serial ports, a 84 MHzOTG capable connection and many more

Key Features

32 bit core, that allowsoperations on 4 bytes widedata within a single CPU clock.
CPU Clock at 84Mhz
96 KBytes of SRAM
512 KBytes of Flash memoryfor code.
a DMA controller

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LVDTs: Range from 1 mm to 300 mm

Product Code:12046

These AC/DC LVDTs are the most economically priced displacement transducers. Housed in stainless steel body, they are a combination of ruggedness and high performance.

Key Features

Non-linearity error as low as 0.3 %
Rugged SS Body, Diameter: 22 mm
Free/Spring loaded Core
Signal Conditioning & Other accessories available
Very Ecomical, but superior performance

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