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Kestrel 5500 Pocket Weather Tracker

Product Code:11003

The Kestrel 5500 Pocket Weather Tracker is a complete weather instrument, offering instant and accurate measurement of wind speed,temperature, humidity and barometric pressure and numerous other derived functions.

Key Features

Functions: Wind Speed & direction,Crosswind and many more
High accuracy & Wide operating range
User-replaceable, impeller
Available with Bluetooth LiNK & Vane Mount

Power Supply, programmable, triple channel

Product Code:11009

Programmable power supply, equipped with front panel programming and real-time waveform display functionality, has three independant and isolated outputs

Key Features

Independent triple outputs: 30V/3A*2, 2.5V/3.3V/5V/3A*1, total 195W power
High Resolution upto 1mV/1mA
4.3 inches truecolor TFT-LCD display
Three output modes: independent, series and parallel
Save/Recall 5 group system specifications


Product Code:11001

This multimeter gives reliable, cost effective, full DMM capabilities measuring DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, Resistance (2 & 4 Wire), Capacitance, Diode Test, Frequency, and Temperature.

Key Features

True 6 1/2 digit resolution
True-RMS AC Voltage & Current measurements
Real time measurement trending or histograms from the front panel
Built-in comprehensive configurations for a variety of temperature sensors
GPIB, USB, RS-232, and LXI-C (Ethernet) Connectivity

Dylos Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Product Code:11002

The DC1100 Air Quality Monitor is a True Laser Particle Counter, counts individual particles, sizes small and large particles, give immediate response to change in environment and provides three different history modes; minute, hour and day, up to 30 days of stored history data.

Key Features

True Laser Particle Counter
Counts individual particles
Sizes small and large particles
Immediate response to changing environment
Up to 30 days of stored history data

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

Product Code:11004

Field usable/ portable spectrum anayzer with frequency upto 7.5 Ghz

Key Features

Frequency range: 9kHz~3.6GHz/ 9kHz~7.5GHz
6.5 inches TFT LCD display
Various communication interface :USB, LAN
Support SCPI and remote control

Power Quality Analyzer

Product Code:11005

Handheld Power quality analyzer with excellent features

Key Features

Safety: CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V
Standards: IEC61000-4-30 (2008) S class, EN50160 (2007)
Easy operation to capture the power quality problem
Display: Run Chart, Bar Chart, Vector Graphic, Waveform,Event List, Readings
Support USB & LAN Interface

Handheld Oscilloscope-cum-multimeter-cum-recorder

Product Code:11006

Combines the functions of oscilloscope, multimeter and recorder in one. It adopts many dedicated chips which allow it to be highly integrated, have low power consumption and with a very small footprint, etc.

Key Features

Completely isolated oscilloscope channels, isolated between oscilloscope and multimeter channels
60MHz/100MHz bandwidth, 2 input channels, 2Mpts memory depth
1GSa/s real time sampling rate, 50GSa/s equivalent sampling rate
3 kinds of cursor mode, 32 kinds of automatic waveform measurements
5.7 inches color TFT-LCD

Spectrum Analyzer, SSA Series

Product Code:11007

Siglent┤s SSA3000X family of spectrum analyzers offer a frequency range of 9 KHz to 2.1 GHz / 3.2 GHz. With their light weight, small size, and friendly user interface, the SSA3000s present a bright easy to read display, powerful and reliable automatic measurements, and plenty of impressive features. Applications are many, but include research and development, education, production, maintenance, and many more.

Key Features

All-Digital IF Technology
Frequency Range from 9 kHz up to 3.2 GHz
-161 dBm/Hz Displayed Average Noise Level (Typ.)
-98 dBc/Hz @10 kHz Offset Phase Noise (1 GHz, Typ.)
Total Amplitude Accuracy < 0.7 dB


Product Code:11008

The unit is a low-cost, high-performance sensor readout unit with integrated datalogger. It Can be used with sensors having low voltage output, e.g., strain gages, accelerometers, heat flux sensors, etc The sensor sensitivity can be programmed into the unit such that the readout will show calibrated engineering units, rather than millivolts or microvolts.

Key Features

16-bit ADC
Resolution of as low as 1 microvolt
4-digit LCD display
Works on AA alkaline cells

DDS Function Generator

Product Code:11011

Low Cost Function generator for generating 32 kinds of waves.

Key Features

Available in 5 frequency ranges (Upto 10/20/40/60/80 MHz)
Output Waveform: Sine, Square and so on (total 32kinds of waveform outputs)
Frequency Accuracy: ´┐Ż5/million
Modulation charactertics: AM/FM(AM available in models with bandwidth 40 MHz or higher)
Dimensions: 415X295X195 mm, 3.5 kg

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