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Product Code:15009

These solar panels are made from world's highest efficiency solar cells from SUNPOWER, USA. They are available in 3W to 300W and can be easily attached to anything such as roof of campervan or boat, etc.

Key Features

Uses Sunpower, USA Back contact cells( efficiency above 20% -25%).
Module efficiency 30% higher than conventional solar panel
Waterproof Connection box
Bend rate from 10-120 degree
3mm thin, super lightweight

18V 5W Foldable Solar panel

Product Code:15026

Charge your mobile on the move

Key Features

Power max: 5W
Vmp: 18V, Voc: 21.6V
Imp:0.278 A, Isc: 0.3A
Weight: 1 kg

Rollable CIGS Solar Mobile Phone Charger-cum-Power Bank

Product Code:15025

Most popular solar charger, flexibly retractable and multi functional. It uses high performance lithium batteries as power storage and the battery is able to charge the phone as well as power the flashlight when it is charged by the solar panel.

Key Features

18650 Li ion battery 2500mAh capacity*2PCS,5000mah
Output Voltage/Current: 5V/1A
Charging Time: 5-6 hours
Product shrink size: 180*55*50mm
Product extend size: 180*125*560mm

Solar Integrated Garden and Street Light

Product Code:15011

ESL-07 is the unique solar street/courtyard light. The light is 500 Lumens and very bright for street/road/courtyard lighting, the built-in battery can support 6 days lighting if met cloudy days, and the battery can be replaced easily by users if it's dead after years using. Also the light has smart energy saving working system, can save power and control the lighting time

Key Features

Elegant Integrated Design,Aluminum alloy case
24 LEDs superbright, 500Lumens brightness equal to 60W normal lamp
Night sensor + PIR motion sensor
120°wide lighting angle
Easy to install and Auto on/off/PIR

Solar PIR Security Light

Product Code:15012

Solar PIR Light for Courtyard/Garden/ garage door/ warehouse/stable/gateway/escape trunk/corridor etc

Key Features

Waterproof IP65 Aluminum Alloy Case,Separate Solar panel for outdoor easy mounting
700Lumens Superbright LED light
Replaceable and Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Sensitive PIR Motion Sensor, save power 30% over
100% Solar powered,Green energy, Green Light

Solar street/courtyard Light

Product Code:15013

Powerful Solar integrated Light for Courtyard/Garden/ Park/Street/Roadway/pathway/Parking Lot/Private road/Sidewalk/Public square/ plaza/Campus/Airfield/Farm & Ranch/Perimeter Security/ Wildlife area/Remote Area/Military Base

Key Features

Elegant Integrated Design,Aluminum alloy case
48pcs Superbright LEDs,1200Lumens brightness equal to 140W normal lamp
Night sensor + PIR motion sensor
120°wide lighting angle
Easy to install and Auto on/off/PIR

Solar Motion Light

Product Code:15014

Solar Motion Light for Courtyard/Garden/ Park, Street/Roadway/pathway, Private road/Sidewalk, Public square/ plaza, Campus, Airfield/Farm & Ranch/Perimeter Security, Wildlife area/Remote Area & Military Base

Key Features

3W solar panel and 300lumens superbright LED light
Special Reflected lighting way to enlarge lighting area, no dazzling or blinking
Dim light and Bright light switch by PIR to save power 30% over!
Aluminum alloy case, Patent integrated design
Night sensor + PIR motion sensor

Solar Motion Sensor Light

Product Code:15015

Solar Motion Sensor Light for Corridor, Entrance of the door , Mailbox, garden and fence of the house

Key Features

Integrated design of Montion PIR and Ray control
Over 12 Hours lighting time after one day charge
Waterproof,heatproof and durable
Intelligent Energy-saving
Solar panel: 0.55W, Li-ion battery: 800mAh LED:16pcs

Solar Laptop Charger

Product Code:15016

Solar based Charger for Laptops, IPADs and Mobile phones.

Key Features

Solar Laptop charger for various of Laptops, also IPAD,Camera,Portable DVD, Mobile phones
Big capacity 13200 mAh for 90% different laptops
Wide range Voltage: 5V~16V~19V~21V
Simultaneus charging of laptop and Ipad
Input AC DC adapter also available

Portable Solar LED Lamp

Product Code:15017

All-purpose lamp for camping or travelling; Carry it as a lantern Hang it up as a pendant lamp

Key Features

Powered by Sunlight
Lighting time with the backup battery
Can Charge Iphone, Ipods, mobile phones, camera, PSP, GPS, MP3/MP4 etc.
UV protect ABS plastic

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