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Not only do we offer various products, we can offer various services, viz., design, development, system implementation, consultancy, training, amongst many others.

Following is the list of services we offer

Fabrication of Electrical Cables,Wiring Harnesses & Wiring Looms

An electrical wiring harness/cable harness/ cable assembly/ wiring loom, is an assembly of electrical cables or wires which transmit signals or electrical power. A wiring harness consists of conductor wires that are contained in insulated coverings. These jacketed cables can be individuals, twisted pairs, triplets, etc

Manufacturing and fabrication of electrical wiring harnesses basically consists of:

  • Cutting wire to appropriate lengths.
  • Wire jackets are then grouped together in bundles.
  • Secured with tape and/or lacing ties with breakouts as required.
  • Termination of ends (involving backshells, contacts, and connectors).
  • Sleeving or over-braiding with protective materials.
  • Marking and identification
  • Final and in-process inspections.

Wiring harness construction varies greatly, depending upon application and requirements. A great deal of engineering is involved regarding specific application, mechanical features, and electrical requirements. Weight, abrasion resistance, vibration, exposure to fluids & moisture, EMI protection, and consideration of repairability (to name a few) must also be taken into account.

We offer services of Cable looms as per the customers' requirement; be it Electronics wiring harnesses, Power cables, Signal wiring harness, Automobile wiring harnesses, Ethernet Cables and so on.

Not only electrical cables, we make customized RF coxial cables as per customers' requirement.


Instrumentation/ Automation solutions

We can design and implement instrumentation systems which may involve various sensors, actuators, controllers and so on. Datalogging and Analysis, Automated Systems, etc are few of them

The system may be designed around PLCs or using microcontrollers. Any type of sensor/actuator can be integrated as per customers' requirement.

PCB Design & fabrication

We can design PCBs layouts for your schematics and/or generate gerber files and fabricate and/or populate the PCBs as per your requirements

Optical System / Networks Design

We can design optical networks(CWDM or DWDM) - do all the power & bandwidth analysis, as per customers requiremets

Selection of all the optical compoents/ modules/devices and their integration is done as per customer specific requirements

Repair & Maintenance Services

We can offer AMC/Repair services for computers/UPS and few other systems. You may please contact us for your specific requirements

Instrument & Calibration Services
If you need your instruments to be calibrated, we will get your instruments calibrated from NABL accredited labs


We also offer on-site training in LabVIEW, Basic Microcontroller Course and few others. You may contact us for your specific requirements

The courses are designed as per the clients' requirements.

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