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It is an exciting instrument for indoor and outdoor work requiring precision and rugged durability. It is excellent for continuous monitoring of structural behavior, or short-term testing of machine and structural performance.

It come with many powerful features, including: RS232 output, RS422 output, biaxial or uniaxial axis configuration, and 16-bit A/D resolution. Units are also available with auxiliary analog output or tilt switch functions (RS232 only). A powerful set of firmware commands enables the user to collect, process, and store data, or to send data directly to a PC or external datalogger.

Angular Range +/-3 degrees(Std) , +/-50 degrees(Wide Angle)
Resolution 0.0001 degrees(std), 0.002 degrees (Wide Angle)
Repeatability 0.0003 degree(std), 0.004 degrees (Wide Angle)
Temperature Coeff +/-0.0002 degree/C (std), +/-0.004 degree/C (Wide Angle)
Linearity < 0.1% of full span
Channels Single-axis or Dual-axis
Time Constant 0.15 second
Digital Output RS232/RS422
Output Data rate User selectable from 10 sample/sec to 1 sample/24 hrs
Power Requirement 7-28 VDC/TD>
Environmental -25 to +70 deg C
Materials Die Cast and painted Aluminium
Size & Weight 120 X 80 X 60 mm, 0.6 kg
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