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Kestrel 5500 Pocket Weather Tracker

Product Code:11003

The Kestrel 5500 Pocket Weather Tracker is a complete weather instrument, offering instant and accurate measurement of wind speed,temperature, humidity and barometric pressure and numerous other derived functions.

Key Features

Functions: Wind Speed & direction,Crosswind and many more
High accuracy & Wide operating range
User-replaceable, impeller
Available with Bluetooth LiNK & Vane Mount

Kestrel 1000 Wind Meter

Product Code:11015

The Kestrel 1000 Wind Meter is the base model of Kestrel pocket weather meters. Simple and compact,extremely durable and totally waterproof, allowing you to measure wind speeds in even the harshest weather conditions

Key Features

Fits right into the palm of your hand
Weighs a mere 65 grams
Measures Current/Avg Wind Speed
Large easy-to-read display

Kestrel 5700 Elite Meter with Applied Ballistics with LiNK

Product Code:11101

The Kestrel 5700 Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics is a comprehensive weather meter for measurement and logging of primary environmental conditions, including wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, heat index, pressure, and altitude. It also contains a powerful ballistics calculator to help you hit your long-range shot on the first try. This meter employs the Applied Ballistics bullet library of custom drag models, an exact measurement of your bullet’s drag profile plus corrections for Aerodynamic Jump, Spin Drift, Coriolis, and Drop Scale Factoring to achieve accurate extended long-range shots

Key Features

All meters include both options of Red (NV - Night Vision) & White backlights
Bluetooth LINK to Smartphones / Mobiel / Android / IOS
Takes 1 AA battery
Scratch and breakage-resistant window

Kestrel 5700X Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics

Product Code:11102

The Kestrel 5700X Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics will help you hit targets faster and further than ever before. The 5700X offers the same accuracy and reliability as the industry gold standard 5700 Elite, yet packs more performance power to deliver faster firing solutions in the field for multiple extreme long-range targets. With an upgraded processor that is more powerful and faster than the 5700 Elite, the 5700X provides quicker targeting data for extreme long-range targets. For increased security, the adjustable Bluetooth® Low Energy signal can be dialed from full power to off position to minimize Bluetooth® range detectability.

Key Features

Employs the Applied Ballistics bullet library
Weather mode offers the full environmental measurements
Optional LiNK connectivity
Rugged & waterproof

Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker

Product Code:11103

he Kestrel 5400 is revolutionary in size, cost and capability for those in need of measuring Heat Stress. Available with or without LiNK (Bluetooth) and / or a compass. Along with having a Wet Bulb Global Temperature reading, the Kestrel 5400 displays thermal work limit (“TWL”), another recognized composite heat stress prediction tool. For both WBGT and TWL, the Kestrel 5400 provides on-screen alarms when conditions enter the caution and danger zones, providing clear and immediate guidance that heat illness prevention steps must be taken. Clothing levels can also be customized, making the Kestrel 5400 particularly useful in activities requiring heavy protective gear which worsens heat stress. The Kestrel 5400 also displays natural wet bulb temperature, and black globe temperature.

Key Features

Flag warnings via loud buzzer & LED beacon
Bluetooth LINK to Smartphones / Mobiel / Android / IOS
Scratch and breakage-resistant window
All meters include both options of Red (NV - Night Vision) & White backlights

Kestrel 3500 Weather Meter

Product Code:11104

The Kestrel 3500 Weather Meter is designed as a full weather meter that has the ability to measure environmental variables such as temperature, wind speeds, barometric phenomena, pressure trends of up to 3 hours, and more. This rugged and affordable meter provides a complete range of reliable weather measurements

Key Features

Large easy-to-read display with backlight
Forecast weather with pressure trend indicator
Protective cover with sure-grip overmolding
Patented user-replaceable impeller

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