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Compact 8-segment LiDAR sensor module

Product Code:12032

Compact 8-segment LiDAR sensor module leverages powerful class-1 laser illumination and 8 independent active detection elements into a single sensor, resulting in rapid, continuous and accurate detection and ranging of objects in the entire wide beam, without any moving parts.

Key Features

Can detecting targets up to 215 m
Weighs only 75 grams
Available in 3 horizontal (20/48/100 deg) and 2 vertical (0.3/3 deg) FOVs
SPI or USB-CAN-Serial interfaces
Module comes with the SDK

Single Segment LiDAR Module - LeddarONE

Product Code:12034

The LeddarOne sensor module is dedicated to single-point detection and precise distance measurements. This low-cost module integrates patented Leddar digital signal processing technology for reliable performance at distance ranges up to 40 m.

Key Features

Detection range 0 to 40 meters (130 ft)
Accuracy 5 cm
Operating temperature range -40 degC to +85 degC
Distance precision 5 mm
Distance resolution 3 mm

16-segment LiDAR sensor module

Product Code:12033

The Leddar M16 sensor modules are advanced, solid-state LiDAR solutions that combine wide-beam flash illumination with 16 independent detection segments to simultaneously deliver rapid, continuous and precise detection and ranging for multiple objects along with excellent lateral discrimination

Key Features

Can detecting targets up to 146 m
Various beam options for optimized field of view
Rapid data acquisition rate of up to 100 Hz
Proven reliability both indoors and outdoors
Outstanding robustness, with no moving parts

16-segment LiDAR - Weatherproof

Product Code:12035

Packaged in a weatherproof housing, the powerful Leddar T16 Traffic Sensor is specifically designed for traffic management systems—from city to highway applications. It offers cost-efficient and highly accurate vehicle detection for various Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications, such as free-flow electronic tolling, traffic monitoring and traffic law enforcement.

Key Features

Robust solid-state flash LiDAR design
Measurement rate of 200Hz for high-speed vehicle detection
Fully IP addressable; Single Cat 5e Ethernet cable
IP67 weatherproof enclosure
Detection range up to 75 m (246 ft.)

Industrial grade 16-segment LiDAR module

Product Code:12036

Specifically designed for the industrial market, the Leddar IS16 is a robust, multi-segment flash LiDAR sensor that delivers consistent performance and reliability in the harshest conditions. With its weather-resistant enclosure, this solid-state LiDAR is perfectly suited to both outdoor and indoor applications.

Key Features

IP67 water-resistant enclosure
LCD and binary output configurations available
Detection range of up to 50 m
45 deg horizontal field of view
Proven reliability in harsh conditions

LiDAR basedStop-bar Detection System

Product Code:12037

The Leddar d-tec is a LiDAR-based stop-bar detection system offering advanced sensing capabilities for traffic light management. Compiling data at a rate of thousands of times per second, the Leddar d-tec provides accurate and reliable detection of all types of traffic (vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians) in all weather and lighting conditions. This above-ground traffic detection solution, which includes sensor units and controller cards that communicate directly with the light control unit, is the perfect alternative to legacy induction loop detectors

Key Features

Multilane stop bar detection with 16 segments per d-tec
Detection range of up to 75 m
Reliable detection in all weather and lighting conditions
Integrated video sensor with Pan and Tilt actuator
Remote access configuration and monitoring

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