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The Kestrel 4500 Pocket Weather Tracker is a complete weather instrument, offering all the features of the Kestrel 4000 with instant and accurate measurement of wind speed, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure and numerous other derived functions

  • High accuracy
  • Wide operating range
  • Compact, rugged design
  • User-replaceable, precision Zytel® mounted impeller
  • Fast response temperature sensor
  • Easy to read back-lit display
  • option of olive drab NV version with low intensity red backlight
  • Min/max/average values or graphical data
  • User selectable units and language
  • User customisable screens
  • Data logging - up to 2900 readings
  • Data upload (with optional PC interface or integrated
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology)
  • Runs from 2 AAA batteries (supplied)
  • Available in yellow or olive drab
  • Functions

  • Wind Speed
  • Wind direction
  • Crosswind
  • Headwind / tailwind
  • Heading (true and magnetic)
  • Temperature
  • Wind Chill
  • Relative humidity
  • Heat index
  • Dew point
  • Wet bulb temperature
  • Barometric pressure
  • Altitude
  • Density altitude
  • Time & Date
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